In this website where we compare different providers. We try to cover the most important providers, but we do not have the resources to cover everyone.

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The ranking is our subjective assesment and there are many other VPN services on the market. We have picked out and ranked some VPN services, based on

- speed
- security
- function
- other user reviews
- conversion rates

Learn how you can stream your favorite TV channels abroad easily and quickly.

We test the best VPNs for streaming different TV channels abroad.

tv Best VPNs for streaming at the moment


Reasons to stream TV with VPN

  • check_circleAccess TV shows in nearly all countries.
  • check_circleEasily installed on laptop, cellphone, TV.
  • check_circleCheap compared to other alternatives.
  • check_circleExcellent safety and security.
  • About

    All over the globe it is often difficult to stream TV abroad. Because of geo restrictions many our favorite channels can only be viewed in certain countries. This is obviously a big problem for expats and other travellers. VPN is at the moment a good solution for solving this problem, and we focus on testing different VPNs for the main TV channels so we can tell you what works best.

    Some of the most popular TV channels

    Popular TV channels


    What is a VPN?

    A VPN is also called a virtual private network. With a VPN server you can create a secure connection between your device and an eksternal server. Then all of the traffic will run through this eksternal server before reaching the internet.

    Stream TV abroad with VPN

    A VPN allows you to change your IP adress to any country you want. This allows you to watch geo blocked content. If you want to watch BBC, you can for example just connect to a VPN server in UK. Read more about how VPN and geo unblocking works.

    Change IP adress with VPN

    A VPN allows you to change your IP adress, and this is the most important thing in regards to streaming TV abroad. When you get the IP adress of another country, you can stream TV shows in that country. Read more about how a VPN allows you to change IP adress.

    We are constantly testing and updating the 5 best VPN services for streaming TV abroad. See the updated test here.