In this website where we compare different providers. We try to cover the most important providers, but we do not have the resources to cover everyone.

To cover the costs of running the site and generate some profit, we receive referral fees from the VPN services on this website.


The ranking is our subjective assesment and there are many other VPN services on the market. We have picked out and ranked some VPN services, based on

- speed
- security
- function
- other user reviews
- conversion rates

About us

The guys behind are VPN geeks and streaming fans. We love to watch content all around the world and started this project to help People around the world acces their favorite TV channels abroad.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask us questions through the contact page. Using a VPN to access geoblocked content can be difficult sometimes, and we are here to help you.

The idea for this page started when Chris and Jesper was travelling through South America. Chris is from the UK, and Jesper is from the Netherlands. They met on a hostel in Thailand when they where backpacking.

Chris desperatly wanted to watch BBC iPlayer, and Jesper wanted to watch Ziggo. However, this was not as easy as it sounds. Both of these, and extremely many other TV cnannelse, are blocked outside UK and Netherland.

To access both of these TV channels they found out that they could use a VPN. This is a way to change your IP adress so others on the internet believes you are in a different country. Both Jesper and Chris love to travel, so they have been using VPNs for ages.

Because of this they wanted to start the site StreamTVabroad, so they could help other travellers and expats stream TV across countries. Several other people has helped them create this site since then.

The comparison of different VPN products of this page is a result of tests we have done with different TV channels. We have focused on speed, amount of servers, how easy the VPN is to download and use, price, customer service, ability to block TV channels and similar abilities.

To be able to run this site and also have some profit we receive some compensation fees when a user buys a VPN from a product we have on our page. This can also in some places affect the placement of the VPNs in our ranking tables.

We hope you find this site useful, and if you have any questions we are happy to help.

The StreamTVabroad Team